How a Whirlbathe System is Installed

Our first step in installing a Whirlbathe whirlpool conversion system is to determine the wall entry location through which the hollow parts of the bathtub can be accessed. This may be a bedroom, closet, cabinet, hallway, shower or any interior or exterior wall located at either end or side of the bathtub. We then neatly gain access into the wall. Only one access is needed.

Next, we mark the jet locations and drill the holes in the tub. Utilizing our patented design and cable system, we pull the heat-formed rigid pipe arms into place. After attaching the jets to the tub, the pump is mounted onto a platform inside the 2x4 wall. The access opening is then neatly finsished off so that you cannot tell we were in the wall.

We also offer optional standard or spinning jets, adjustable flow jets and neck jets.

Step 1: Your Existing Bathtub Step 2: Original Patented System
Porcelain, cast iron, steel, marble or fiberglass.
(Any size or shape)
Trust Whirlbathe
(10 Year Warranty Available)
Step 3: The End Result Step 4: Ready To Enjoy
Installed without removing the tub or disturbing the bathroom wall.
(Jet location optional)
Quiet operation enhances the relaxing benefits of pain-relieving Hydrotherapy.

Whirlbathe System VS. Common Whirlpool Parts

Commonly available whirlpool parts are designed specifically for installing on new bathtubs built on factory assembly lines. Installing a whirlpool system on an existing bathtub without removal requires a completely different technique and specially designed equipment as the parts must be installed through a small access opening. Whirlbathe invested over many years to solve these problems, for which we recieved five patents. Accept no inferrior substitute. Install a superior Whirlbathe system.


To Be Supplied by Installer

1/2" Heavy Duty Variable Speed Reversing Drill
3/8" Hammer Drill
Milwaukee SawsaIl w/2 sizes b1ades
Circular Saw w/wood and cement cutting blades
Electric Heat Gun or PVC Heating Blanket
Small Miter Box & Saw or Chop Box
Full Set of Hand Tools, including:
6” and 2” Levels
5" Vice Grip Pliers and Needle Nose Pliers
Medium & Large Channel Lock Pliers
Hammer, 12" Prybar, 16” Tape Measure
Half Round File
Fish Tape
Safety Glasses, Ear Protectors, Knee Pads
Work Gloves and Disposable Rubber Gloves
Marking Pen & Pencil
Small Shop Vac
Canvas Drop Cloths, Rubber Coated
Staple Gun & 1/4" Staples
Hacksaw or PVC Pipe Cutter (2 Sizes)
Caulking Gun
2 4-Way Outlets
2 Trouble Lights
3 14 Gauge Extension Cords
2 1/2'' Milwaukee and Remgrit Hole Saws
1-3/4" Milwaukee and Remgrit Hole Saws
1-1/4" Milwaukee and Remgrit Hole Saws
1-1/8" Milwaukee and Remgrit Hole Saws
1 " Spade-Type Wood Drill Bit
Hole Saw Arbors, 2 Sizes
5/16" Masonry Bit
1 1/4" Pilot Bits (3)
Suction Cup for Handling Matble Panels
Floor Fan

To Be Supplied by Whirlbathe

Whirlbathe Conversion Kit
Pump w/Unions
Jet Wrench
4 Pulling Cables
Clear and White Silicone
Liquid Nails
White Paintable Caulk
Clear PVC Primer/Cleaner
Clear Rigid PVC Cement
Flexible Pipe PVC Cement
GFCI Receptacles
Standard Receptacles and Plates
Plastic Electrica1 Tape
Romex Wire
Electrical Boxes, Wall Mount & Regular
1 1/2" and 1/2" Schedule 40 PVC Pipe
1 1/2" and 1/2" Flexible PVC Pipe
3/8" Clear Vinyl Air Tubing
2" and 2 1/2" Screws
#8 and #16 Nails
Wood Trim (Casing)
4' 2x4 Pieces
2' 2x6 Pieces
1/2 Sheet Drywall
Clear Tape

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