Spa Benefits

Lets face it, these are busy times... with work, kids and school, there is a lot going on in your life.

There is no better way to relax and reduce stress than soaking in your own private hot tub. Whether you need to sooth aching muscles from a day of working in the yard or just to forget about today at the office, a hot tub can help reinvigorate your spirit mentally and physically.

  • Hydrotherapy is superior to chiropractic and physical therapy for many ailment
  • Non-phamaceutical, non-surgical
  • Lowest cost whirlpool anywhere
  • Fraction of the cost of factory-type whirlpools
  • Nation's only name brand conversion system
  • Maintenence free
  • Increases home equity about $1,500
  • Member Better Business Bureau for many years
  • Inherently quieter than factory-type whirlpools because pump is not hanging onto the tub, but fastened to subfloor
  • Own a Whirlbathe system for the cost of a year's maintenence of a hot tub
  • Local Whirlbathe dealers in your area
  • Rigid PVC pipe heat formed and installed down sides of bathtub, not flexible pipe to ensure water drains out of entire system
  • Parallel piping system, not series piping means that each jet has its own water supply for equal pressure (all other whirlpools use series piping, which loses pressure at each jet)
  • Specially designed parallel water and air manifolds increase water and air flow, which maximizes hydrotherapy benefits
  • Whirlbathe is the only whirlpool that can be repaired later without removing the tub
  • Remodelers and home builders use our system
  • The Whirlbathe system makes quality, performance and economic sense even if you need a new bathtub
So what makes hot tub therapy work?

Hot tub therapy works by first relieving the body's natural pressure from gravity, then by stimulating the nerves and circulatory system. By further applying movement and air bubbles to the hot water, the nerve impulses work to enhance the body's immune system, increase circulation and digestion and even lessen sensitivities..

Who Needs Hydrotherapy?

Everyone! Soaking in the hot, swirling water of a spa leaves you feeling both mentally and physically relaxed. Just spend ten minutes in a Whirlbathe before bedtime can make it easier to drift into a deep restful sleep.

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