Whirlbathe is a specifically designed and fully patented system of converting any previously installed bathtub into a luxurious whirlpool without removing it. Our unique design is like no other whirlpool system available in this country.

Now porcelain, cast iron, steel, fiberglass and cast marble bathtubs may be retrofitted into factory-type, jetted bathtubs in one day, without disturbing the surrounding bathroom walls or plumbing. The finished product has custom located hydrotherapy jets, an air volume control which regulates their force, and an on-off switch. Tub fittings may be matched to existing bathroom décor and fixtures.

Whirlbathe's equipment makes the installation inside the tub walls a quick and simple procedure. When the retrofitting is complete, the tub looks and performs as if it had been originally installed as a factory whirlpool unit.

All aspects of Whirlbathe's design are fully patented in the United States and Canada.

A Revolution in the Whirlpool Industry is Coming

Up until now, the whirlpool experience has been unaffordable for most people. Through Whirlbathe, the whirlpool has now become simply an option for any bathtub. Whirlbathe has drastically reduced the cost of the bath spa experience.

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